Regardless of all odds

I choose not to remain silent

I hope you know all the happenings in my country Nigeria

The people want something ,so they march out in numbers crying out and shouting passionately

Even though I am not present we them in body

I stand with them in one spirit ,soul and mind

Praying with supplications in my heart

Come,Lord Jesus

Move,Lord Jesus

let there be change

let there be Justice

let righteousness reign

let there be revival coupled with a new revolution evolving round about us

I will love for you to do what you did in the days of Esther and wipe out all the Harman’s of our time but I know how merciful you are

And your heart desire is for all to come to repentance and not destruction

Many have lost their lives and I do not know who is next

I don’t fear for my life Coz I know you will keep me but what about the lives of others

I know they matter to you Lord

Lord touch the heart of our leaders to oblige and help us to have a peaceful protest so that something good can come out of all this…





Keep Blogging😉

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