I became starry-eyed as the darkening night matches my mood.

At a moment I looked up ,all I could see through my lens was a ceiling and a fan rolling

All day long,I watched as the daylight loses it fight to the moonlight

I guess it will take a while to realize there could be a better day. If there is any

Through it all,I had love and salvation

but the burden in my heart placed me on a tight corner

The morning sun smiled on me but then my worries still remained

it was crazy of me to expect a change overnight

It seems joy went on a long term visit to a more befitting place where it is being welcomed and would not be back until the next rainfall

Tell me,what is peace when the mind is unsettled

What is jocundity when my life is on schedule

What is joy ,when I am not allowed to see the world as it is for fear of the unknown

No better way to give a sincere answer but I will leave that to your discretion

Evening came just like the morning and I was still the same

I rose up,ransacked through my wardrobe to look for a befitting dress to cover my nakedness

I had this thought,it will cost nothing to take a walk down the road maybe I could feel enlightenment through this complicated world

The wind brushes through my skin and the cloud roared as I felt it rain down on me

for a moment it felt so peaceful but then the images of those running to find cover from the rain snapped me back to reality as I ran to take cover in a church nearby

I know this church

I know this song

I smiled in between as I sang the chorus

My tears wasn’t left out

Amazing grace

How sweet that sound

Then I remembered His Love

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