The feeling of eagerness to get back my inspiration intoxicate me like strong wine that I had no choice to board a bus right there in front of my house to the city of expressiveness

I can’t say what causes this turbulence  in me but the ability to express how I feel seems to be blocked in a way that is beyond my imagination

But then I have to find a cure because I refuse to be disappointed by my own words not today

Not for my own selfish reason but for a beautiful flower growing inside my room

I have watched her grow from the moment her seed was planted into earth and it brings me great joy to see her grow into a beautiful floret

I refrain myself to write a long epistle but then I motivate  myself to find the right word in the city of expressiveness to qualify her beauty on this day

So here I go….

There is this song I will love to sing

Happy birthday to you🎵

Happy birthday to you🎤

There are so many words I would love to say but they are still the same thing you hear me speak everyday

Ride on love..

Rule on baby..

With my own eyes have I witnessed how you  shine your light to warm the heart of others

No more dark days ahead with you because the stars and moon stand in favour of you.

You have encouraged me in so many ways and now it is my turn to water you with encouragement so that your flower can keep on blooming

Left to me, I want to stop here but my heart wouldn’t let me as I celebrate a priceless rare gem

My Sister  is ➕ 1

My Starlite is ➕1

Happy birthday Pumpkin 🎂🎈🎈

Kisses 😘😘😘😘




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